St. Marys Curling


You’ve watched it on television and marvelled at the skill of those playing at the elite level, but you’ve never tried it for yourself. St. Marys Curling invites you to discover what millions of Canadians already know – curling is a great social pastime to wile the winter months away as you make new friends and stay active.

Curling is a game for everyone, young and old. If you’ve never curled before and would like to learn, St. Marys Curling provides teachers, curling brooms, footwear and of course, we even supply the ice and rocks. If it’s a friendly, community activity you’re looking for, curling will broaden your social circle. If you can’t bend down to reach one of those forty-pound rocks, we’ve got that covered too – many curlers now push their rock, with great skill and accuracy, using a stick. Alternately, if you’re looking for a challenge, curling can be surprisingly physically demanding. Finally, if armchair curling is more your game, join us at one of our many weekly leagues and enjoy the view from the lounge. You’ve watched it on television, now watch it in your own community.

You’ll be amazed at how quickly the winter passes when you’re curling, no matter how you choose to participate.

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